I really like Italy. It’s a disorganized, old, and new place – but one with great food and wine. Just be aware that the trains and buses don’t always run on Sundays. If you can learn a little Italian, then you can get around without too many problems.

These pictures are from Gaeta. I skipped out one afternoon from a scientific meeting to clear my head head and get some fresh air.

This looks like an oil tank, but is a Roman tomb.

Since I didn’t have a map, I took a picture from one of the signs.

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International man of mystery. Well not really, although I can mangle several languages and even read the occasional hieroglyphic. A computer scientist, an author and one of the very few people who has both an NIH grant and had a book contract. An ex- booktrope author and a photographer.

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  1. Thank you. It’s a neat little town. Great seafood. One side of the peninsula is the bay of Naples, the other the Mediterranean. I was supposed to go back to Rome on a Sunday and found that the town bus was shut, and the train running a half-schedule – and late at that. When I got back to Rome it was snowing and my hotel reservations were for a hotel that didn’t exist. (I found another place)


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