Some Good Things We Can’t Have in the USA

I was looking at happy snaps from last year and remembered things that are common in the UK and rare to non-extant in the USA. Little things, things I miss.
Real Bacon. I can find this if I look, very hard, for it. Here it comes from Ireland. I did’t take a picture of bangers, but they’re good too.

On demand water heating at the point of use. In the USA storage tanks the standard, although you can, for a steep price, get instant on water heating for your whole house. This relatively inexpensive and efficient shower unit, forget it.


Kettles. Cold to boiling in a minute. Not for us.  I can find ‘old speckled hen’ at specialty shops.


Serious power at the sockets and switching sockets. Darn you Edison and your DC mania! We have 110V, with limited exceptions. We actually get 220 to the house and then split it.

On the other hand we do have guns. Oh, and knives. And poison ivy growing outside of a patch in Kew Garden.

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International man of mystery. Well not really, although I can mangle several languages and even read the occasional hieroglyphic. A computer scientist, an author and one of the very few people who has both an NIH grant and had a book contract. An ex- booktrope author and a photographer.

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