The Art of Going Home #bookreview

The Art of Going Home

Nicole Sorrell
Intense, involving, and interesting, not to mention hot.

Aunt Ceci’s funeral forces Madisen to confront the small town she fled, her guilt over her twin sister’s death years ago, and her family. Along the way she reconnects with an old flame, Zac and together they resolve to uncover the truth behind Angeline’s demise. It’s a cold trail, long overgrown with the weeds of shame and guilt; not just Madisen’s assumed responsibility for her sister. Along the way, Angeline herself appears to ‘Maddie’ as her spirit guide. Maddie’s and Zac’s search reawakens old passions. Some, like for each other, that they forgot, and some, like the real murderer’s that were buried, hopping to be forgotten in the fog of time.

A true romance, hot at times, and overlaid with intense stormy mystery, this book is well worth a read.

I received an ARC in return for an unbiased review.

Author: rharrisonauthor

International man of mystery. Well not really, although I can mangle several languages and even read the occasional hieroglyphic. A computer scientist, an author and one of the very few people who has both an NIH grant and had a book contract. An ex- booktrope author and a photographer.