The Art of Deception 5 #wewriwar #amwriting

The Art of Deception

or Pride and Extreme Prejudice


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week I continue another book, that will eventually come out via booktrope. It’s a spy story set in late Georgian England, the year before Trafalgar. Last week Captain Meriwether Lewis makes a brief appearance when he explains to Mr Merry and Lord Fitzpatrick (Roderick), why he is no longer welcome in the US. This week I answer several questions about Sir Roderick before returning to Alice’s story.

After Captain Lewis left, Anthony said to Roderick, “That wasn’t yours was it?”

“No, I don’t do anything as crude as housebreaking; I will need your aid to clean up a few loose ends when I go – my manservant, Thomas.”

“I wish you wouldn’t keep slaves; I won’t sell him for you.”

“He’s not a slave … his wife, Hannah -”

“She is?”

Roderick nodded, “Unfortunately, yes; she’s a maid and housekeeper … in the President’s house; could you arrange to purchase her? Her freedom was her price, and I should like to think His Majesty’s government lives up to its promises; I told you I don’t use crude methods, and she’s been most helpful to the crown.”

“I wouldn’t know how; unseemly for the minister to appear at an auction.”

“I’ll drop a hint in Captain Lewis’ ear that you need a new maid when I give him my detailed itinerary tomorrow; he’ll jump at the chance to put in a ‘loyal servant’ of his own inside our embassy. Then I think Boston or Canada would be best for them; much healthier climate, especially if you are of a swarthy hue”

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One of the Union’s most successful spies during the American civil war, Mary Bowser, was Jefferson Davis’s black (slave) housekeeper. Belle Boyd and her ilk were rank amateurs by comparison. The X on the featured image shows where Robey’s Slave pen was located.

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    1. Given the annual yellow fever epidemics in Philadelphia, New York, DC and further south … Although for them, the major health threat wouldn’t have been microbial.


  1. (Laughing at Ed’s allusions to Canadian weather!)

    We are inclined to think of slaves as disempowered and downtrodden. I love that this lady is a kick-ass spy! Looking forward to reading more Rob!

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  2. Great detail regarding Canada as a safe haven, even over Boston and other points north. Although they’d both be free, sometimes that didn’t mean anything in the US either. Nice snippet.

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    1. Technically they’d have been safe once across the Mason Dixon line, but it wouldn’t have been fun. Slave hunters were known to cross it and return with the correct number of African-Americans, although not always the ones they were looking for. Before he leaves the US, Roderick will meet the Clinton’s (no relation to Hillary or Bill) who were governor and senator from New York. Neither was exactly a fan of equality, but both detested slavery. So NYC would have been OK. About this time Tammany Hall converted from a pure “Native American” (though real native americans weren’t admitted to it) to a “Native American” and Irish institution – mostly to oppose DeWitt Clinton.


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