The Art of Deception 9 #wewriwar #amwriting

The Art of Deception

or Pride and Extreme Prejudice


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week I continue another book, that will eventually come out via booktrope. It’s a spy story set in late Georgian England, the year before Trafalgar Last week, the day before they departed for London, Lord Grey had a present of Turkish Delights (from Gunter’s) for Sally. The reasons he gave it to her become apparent this week. Lord Grey and Alice intend to pick Sally up on the way to London when a messenger from the Willis’s arrives.

“Well,” Lady Green sniffed, “It’s for the best; be a good girl Alice … oh I shouldn’t say that, I know you will be … Let the Willis’s know I’ll be round to visit today.”

Lord Grey and Alice were boarding the box, ready to ride to the vicar’s and pick up Sally, when the vicar’s groom rode up.

“Lord Grey?” He tipped his forehead in a salute, “I have a message from my master.” He handed Lord Grey a sheet of paper, and then respectfully bowed and stepped back.

Lord Grey read it aloud, “Miss Willis is ill and cannot come with us. She is devastated … Sister dear, it seems your visit will be a visit of mercy; please send my regards.”

Lady Green may not have noticed the smile flicker across Lord Grey’s face, but Alice most certainly did.

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Lord Grey’s offer to Alice isn’t quite what it seems.  Don’t take candy from strange men.

I’ve also released a sweet regency romance, Miss DeVere Miss_devere_1 This is a fun read, and unlike “The curious profession of dr craven THE CURIOUS PROFESSION FINAL” seems to not carry a curse.

Frankenkitty is available.
Frankenkitty> What happens when teenagers get to play with Dr Frankenstien’s lab notebooks, a few odd chemicals and a great big whopping coil? Mayhem, and possibly an invitation to the Transylvanian Neuroscience Summer School.

Get Free Stuff and try out my landing page. There are three free complete short stories (including an ARC for Frankenkitty) available after you’ve gone through the hoops.

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