Progress on “Illegal Aliens”

Amelia and I just crossed the 45000 word mark on an experiment in horror/fantasy/Science fiction romance. So it looks like we’ll actually finish this one.

In it the ancient gods aren’t dead, they’re in hiding. As one puts it, “if the humans think they can just pray they won’t do anything.” He, Aker, has chased most of them back to Duat (They Egyptian land of the gods, not quite hell, but close enough). Since then he’s been hiding, in human form, and reinventing himself every few years. He buries his knowledge about the gods so deeply that he doesn’t know it himself – at least most of the time.

Set, the funny headed one on the left, avoided him and is causing trouble.

Aker is the two lions in the middle. In real mythology, he’s a rather enigmatic critter, who was worshiped in the early dynasties and disappears by the time of the cult of Osiris.

The story starts when a team of scientists, working on what will be a warp drive, cut a hole in reality. The Goddess on the left of the picture, Bastet sneaks in and occupies one of the scientists – after she (the scientist) is nearly killed in a lab accident.

Unfortunately, creating a warp attracts the unwanted attention of real aliens, who are bent on bringing Earth into their empire. Not as equals, mind you, more as cattle.

It doesn’t help that excavations on the underground release another ancient horror.

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International man of mystery. Well not really, although I can mangle several languages and even read the occasional hieroglyphic. A computer scientist, an author and one of the very few people who has both an NIH grant and had a book contract. An ex- booktrope author and a photographer.

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