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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my work in progress, “Frankenkitty”, and I hope you enjoy it.  It started out as a young-adult superhero book, and well, you’ll see. In last week’s snippet Jenny’s friendship with Amber and Mary grew, and in the midst of the highlight (or low-light) of high-school biology -fetal pigs- she let them in on the secret.  Today we begin to see where they’re going with it.

Mary carefully sounded out “Experimente in der Reanimation von abgestorbenem Gewebe,” and then said, “That doesn’t mean experiments in reanimation, does it?”

Jennifer nodded, “Yes it does, Experiments in the Reanimation of Dead Tissue.”

“And the name inside,” Mary continued, “That’s not really Frankenstein, I mean the Frankenstein?”

“It is, my neighbor Mrs. Jones gave them to me. She was his great-granddaughter; these are his lab-notes.”

Amber laughed, “Do you think they’d work?”

“I’d like to try; bring back my cat Mr. Snuffles.”

“That’s not possible; he must have been insane.”

Whatever was there, no matter how ill-conceived or incorrect, wasn’t insane.  Amber sat there, slightly stunned, “You know, Jenny, it might just work. ”

This is a work in progress. In other news, I’ve become a booktrope author, but more on that latter. It has meant a change in pen-name. Last Weeks is here and you can read the whole chapter if you’d rather.

I’m also looking for reviewers for my nearly ready book “The Curious Profession of Dr. Craven”

An Arc

No, not this kind


This kind

My first “real” book, “The Curious Profession of Dr. Craven.” is in the final throes of production with booktrope. (You can see the kind of company it will keep at runawaygoodness. So we’re talking about a professionally edited and quality work.)

Right now I’m looking for reviewers. That means I’m giving away, yes free – though I want a review, advanced copies, or ARC’s. If you’d like one please fill out this form.

It’s a sweet romance set vaguely in the regency, definitely in the towns that are now London suburbs, and  certainly a dashed good read. Any book that starts with grave robbing and the heroine waking up on the hero’s anatomizing table can’t be all bad.

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