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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my work in progress, “Frankenkitty”, and I hope you enjoy it.  It started out as a young-adult superhero book, and well, you’ll see. Last week’s snippet introduced two new friends, Amber and Mary. This week Jenny makes an important decision – to take up medicine. Her friendship with Amber and Mary grows, and in the midst of the highlight (or low-light) of high-school biology -fetal pigs- she lets them in on the secret.

Dissecting the pigs was a two-week long dive into the smelly gross insides of a preserved animal. The smelly preservative didn’t easily wash off, and Jennifer’s little brother took to wrinkling his nose and teasing her about it at dinner time. She replied by wiping her hands in his hair; this was, if anything, even grosser, but at least the smell of little brothers washed off.

It wasn’t until halfway through the pig that Mary and Amber noticed something very unusual about Jennifer – she really knew her anatomy. There were details that even Mr. Jefferson missed when he walked around the groups brave enough to dissect, that she would point out.

“Jenny,” Mary asked, “where did you learn this, and don’t tell me study hall;  we were all doing math last time.”

Amber concurred, “I was helping you with consecutive number problems.”

“I have this book, these books, at home; they’re all about anatomy, and um,” she paused, “a few other things as well.”

“Can we see them?”

Jennifer couldn’t say no to her friends.

This is a work in progress. In other news, I’ve become a booktrope author, but more on that latter. It has meant a change in pen-name. Last Weeks is here and you can read the whole chapter if you’d rather.

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    1. Shortly they will raise Jenny’s little brother’s gerbil. Just to be sure it can be done, before they try Mr. Snuffles. No use trying to fix the cat’s broken body if it won’t work for a relatively intact gerbil.


    1. One of the Islet’s of Langerhans? 😉 Actually there’s a lot of fine detail in anatomy. So while the teacher might say “that’s the liver”, the various ducts and things would be easy to miss. When I did it (mind you it was a fetal brontosaurus in those days), there were things associated with the head that my teacher just shrugged away. The Pituitary, and various pig-specific things in the nose.


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