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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my work in progress, “Frankenkitty”, and I hope you enjoy it.  It started out as a young-adult superhero book, and well, you’ll see. Last week they met Mrs. Jones, nee von Volkstein. Despite the premature reports of her death, Mrs. Jones was still alive. This week they start in on making the surprisingly powerful “pink solution.”

Amber, Mary and Jennifer spent an enjoyable afternoon reading the recipe. It was written on an enormous scale, starting with a hogshead of distilled or clean rainwater.
“That will never work,” Amber said, “We’ll have to scale it down.”

Some of the ingredients were easy to find, but many were decidedly oddball, and it took several passes through search engines to find modern names.

Jennifer scowled, “Red Cinnabar? Eight Drachms, what the heck’s a Drachm?”

Mary laughed, “Mercury sulfide, Amber, is your dad going to let us play with that? It’s poisonous.”

Amber pulled a dusty bottle from a shelf, “It was Grandpa’s; a Drachm is an old measure of weight; Look it up.”

Jennifer’s fingers were the fastest on her phone, “3.8879346 grams,” she laughed, “It says that’s three scruples.”

This is a work in progress. In other news, I’ve become a booktrope author, but more on that latter. It has meant a change in pen-name. Last Weeks is here and you can read the whole last chapter if you’d rather.

I’m also looking for reviewers for my nearly ready book “The Curious Profession of Dr. Craven”

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    1. I do find it it difficult to write slang used by young people. I think I have it, but them come to know that it sounds just like a 55 year old trying to sound like a teenager, did the writing. Ha! 🙂


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