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(Some assembly required)


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my work in progress, “Frankenkitty”, and I hope you enjoy it.  It started out as a young-adult superhero book, and well, you’ll see. The week before last week, in the chapter, “The Gerbil from Hell,” the girls found a test subject. The trouble continues this week. This snippet picks up right after last weeks where Amber and Mary’s coil blew out the town electrical grid.

As the lights came back on, Jennifer put the gerbil in a jar and Amber poured enough of the glowing pink solution over it to cover the corpse; Mary nudged them and muttered, “MOS.”

“What are you doing?” Dr. Maria Venik or Mrs. Gross was not a woman to stand for much nonsense.

Amber had a story ready, “This is a special fixative. It will help dye the gerbil’s body so we can see what’s inside without cutting it up.”

“Is that why it’s glowing, Fluorescein?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“What were you doing with the coil?”

“That was my bad,” Jennifer said, “I wanted to see what it did; more than I expected.”

“I hope you’re not hurt,” Mrs. Gross was suddenly worried that her householder’s insurance might not cover burns from electron accelerators and Tesla coils or worse.

This is a work in progress. In other news, I’ve become a booktrope author, but more on that latter. It has meant a change in pen-name. The week before last week’s is here.
and you can read the whole last chapter if you’d rather.  I’ve added a sub-title “(some assembly required).”

I’m also looking for reviewers for my nearly ready book “The Curious Profession of Dr. Craven” It’s moved out of layout to final assembly.  There was a bit of a hiccough in production, but that’s sorted out.

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  1. Mrs. Gross’s lines add some pop–and humor to this excerpt. 🙂 Nicely done.

    I’m one of the moderators here. I know it’s a busy time of year, and in a rush, perhaps you miscounted your sentences. 🙂 The upward limit is ten.

    Have a good holiday week. 🙂


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