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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my work in progress, “Frankenkitty”, and I hope you enjoy it.  It started out as a young-adult superhero book, and well, you’ll see.  In last week’s snippet, the girls have a boy, Jimmy, join the team. Not only as the lab’s ‘Igor,’ but actually someone with relevant skills. Next week, they awaken a Gerbil. But first, the hardware needs adjusting.

“There was a clumping noise as Mrs. Gross descended the stairs; she was both pleased and worried that her daughter now numbered a boy among her friends.

Amber introduced Jimmy to her, “Mom this is Jimmy; he’s an amateur, what was it?”

“Amateur Extra; Amber and Mary wanted me to look at their device. See if there was something wrong with it and make it work without bringing down the town power grid.”

“Oh, can you; I mean is it safe?”

“I built my own kilowatt amplifier, for moonbounce; haven’t electrocuted anyone, yet.”

Amber’s mother smiled, “Well, don’t burn down the house; remember your promise Amber.”

“Yes Mother.”

“And don’t electrocute anyone either; I’ll be upstairs.”

It didn’t take Jimmy long to find the problem with the machine, “You don’t have an independent ground.”

Moonbounce is radio communication via bouncing VHF radio off the moon. Amateur radio operators can, if they’re so interested, do it.

This is a work in progress.

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