The Art of Deception #wewriwar #Fridayreads

The Art of Deception

or Pride and Extreme Prejudice


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week I continue another book, that will eventually come out via booktrope (hope springs eternal.) It’s a spy story set in late Georgian England, the year before Trafalgar. Alice’s somewhat shady Uncle Grey has come to make her an offer she can’t refuse. Last week’s snippet is after Lord Grey inquires about Alice’s hopes on the marriage mart. He’s making the offer they can’t refuse. This week I introduce the romantic lead. He is, for the moment, stuck in Washington as a military attache. He and Mr Anthony Merry the new (actual at the time) British ambassador are discussing life in this trying provincial city.

“I say, Roddy, how did ever you stick it here? All that time you spent here after Sir Robert returned home; it must have been dashed difficult for you; The Jonathan’s,” He shook his head, “Their manners leave much to be desired.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“That Jefferson fellow, didn’t you find him rude? I mean he called my wife a ‘virago’, and Elizabeth, whatever her failings is not that.”

“She’s a lovely woman, well-mannered and gracious; if you want to meet a virago, you need only talk to the Dowager Fitzpatrick.”

“So that’s why you haven’t married? Still, can you imagine inviting us and the French charge de affairs to the same private dinner; we’re at war; it’s just not done.”

Roderick shrugged, “I just ignore the slights; treat their politics like a spectator sport; it’s almost as much fun as ratting or the cockpit; as for marriage, you know I find these provincials even more tedious than the butterflies and damsels of the London Ton.”

De gustibus and all that I suppose.”

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Having lived in the Washington metropolitan area, it’s still a trying provincial city.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written. I’ll be in the woods with a bunch of scouts this weekend, which means that my replies will be somewhat delayed. I’m not quite up to backpacking a satellite link. It would go against my ultra-light esthetic.

I’ve also released a sweet regency romance, Miss DeVere This is a fun read, and unlike “The curious profession of dr craven” seems to not carry a curse.


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