Uley Castle Ring Walk

Another quick post, documenting yet another walk. This was only 5.77 km (3.5 miles) with a good 2000 feet of climbing. So it’s a decent prep hike.

Uley Castle itself is an Iron age fort. It is impressively fortified with steep hills and multiple terraces.


It has views that cover the Severn valley, which is good if you’re watching for marauding armies.


The hike walks over the hill in the foreground. At this time of year the Cotswold hills are covered in wild-flowers. Unfortunately, it’s also nettle season so one stretch of narrow bridle path was … interesting.DSC_0820
It’s a great place for dogs, as long as you’re careful about livestock. When we visited there were cows grazing in the central area.
This wide central area was covered in Iron Age dwellings.

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