The Art of Deception 33

The Art of Deception

or Pride and Extreme Prejudice


This week continues a spy story set in late Georgian England, the year before Trafalgar. Last week, the Alice and Lucy discussed the Roderick and Edward with Lucy’s “Aunt Heather.” Roderick and Edward arrived to escort the women to dinner at the York. They are too early, and in the meantime Roderick (Mr Stanton) takes Alice for a walk to inspect the preparations.

Alice brightened, “Yes, there is that; shall we?” Mr Stanton offered his arm to support her, and she gladly took it.

“Thank you for stopping my horse; I hope I wasn’t ungracious.”

“Not at all; a bolting horse is always a shock; I’m just glad I was there in time.”

Yes, how did you know to be there, I thought you were ill.  “I’m not sure that having you and Mr Spode host our dinner is exactly the best way to say thank you.”

“It was Edward’s idea; To impress Miss Haytor,” my feelings had nothing to do with it; nothing!

Alice stopped, disengaged her arm from his and turned to face him, “Are you sure, Monsieur, that there is nothing you want to tell me.”

Yes, no, “Nothing other than to ask you what wine you would prefer with your meal.”

Now that you’ve read my hackery, please see the talented writers in Weekend Writing Warriors.

My apologies for creative punctuation.

The York still exists. Unfortunately, it’s been bought by an American chain – Travelodge. So the famous “York Family Hotel” is now run by the same company as Motel 6.

I may be a little late at replying to comments this weekend. Taking my Motorcycle Safety Foundation “Basic Rider Course.” Uneasy Rider strikes again. Serious accident rates with motorcycles are more than ten times lower than just riding horses and about a thousand times lower than horse racing (and the training cuts the accident rate even further).

Like poor Cecelia, “The Curious Profession of Dr Craven” is back from the dead.

I’ve released a sweet regency romance, Miss DeVere Miss_devere_1 This is a fun read.

Frankenkitty is available.
Frankenkitty What happens when teenagers get to play with Dr Frankenstien’s lab notebooks, a few odd chemicals and a great big whopping coil? Mayhem, and possibly an invitation to the Transylvanian Neuroscience Summer School.

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  1. Love your creative use of commas. LOL Great job confusing the two. They are going to eventually have to be truthful to each other.


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