The Art of Deception 37

The Art of Deception

or Pride and Extreme Prejudice


This week continues a spy story set in late Georgian England, the year before Trafalgar. Last time Alice was more or less “outed” by a friend from back home. Roderick acted in a less than gentlemanly manner. This week, Alice overreacts in a less than lady-like manner, using the skills she so painstakingly learned at Mrs Hudson’s academy.

Alice had little choice. Her gown was both too long and too clingy for a solid kick and a slap to the face was unsatisfactory, so she bunched one of her fives and smashed with all her weight into Roderick’s mid-riff. He toppled over with a satisfying, at least to her, crunch, and slid along the polished floor. She hurriedly whispered, “The lower garden, Avonside, tomorrow morning,” to Sally. Then she disappeared, weaving her way through the crowd with startling ease.

Sally said to Mr Mapleton, “The garden, Avonside? What could she ever mean by that?”

“I should think she desires us to meet her there in the morning.”

Mr Spode looked up from trying to aid his friend, and noted their conversation.

Now that you’ve read my hackery, please see the talented writers in Weekend Writing Warriors.

My apologies for creative punctuation.

Tempers are flaring in this and the last post.

They’re not the only inflammable thing in the late Georgian/early Regency. The shift from wool, good domestic, “Make Britain Great Again” wool to imported cotton had consequences. One we forget about today, when nearly all cloth is treated to be flame-resistant, was fire. Getting rid of an interfering chaperone or mother-in-law, as Gilray suggests, is an added benefit.

There were others (at least if you were male).


Like poor Cecelia, ” The Curious Profession of Dr Craven” is back from the dead.

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