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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  This is a sample from my latest work “Frankenkitty”, and I hope you enjoy it.  It started out as a young-adult superhero book, and well, you’ll see.  In last week’s snippet, the gerbil awakens and their device has interesting side effects. This week Amber’s ever-tolerant parents put their foot down.

Amber’s description of her parental unit’s reactions to their little experiments during the lunch period was both painful and amusing.

“Even my father said ‘enough was enough;’ no more accelerators or coils or anything fun in the basement.”

Jennifer asked, “Did he let you keep a lab?”

“Sort of, but you’ve got to come this evening and get your stuff; both you and Mary.”

“He didn’t see the notebooks?”

Amber nodded, “He had a look; made a crack about my being a biochemist like mother, and then they started arguing; as if ever.”

“Yeah,” Mary added, “I gotta do me.”

Jennifer said, “Did they stop arguing?”

“Only to remind me that the lab was off limits for a month; to give me time to think about safety; I think they like to argue, ’cause then they got all yucky mushy.”

“No bedtime story,” Mary said with a straight face.

This is no longer a work in progress.

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  1. Fun excerpt – I could really see the scene from the parents’ point of view, as described by the girl, which is a hard thing to accomplish but you pulled it off brilliantly. I like your writing style and ‘voice’! Congratulations on finishing the story!


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