Spring Daffodils


It’s dull, drizzly, and grey. Here are the first of this year’s spring flowers to brighten things up.

dsc_0174 dsc_0176 dsc_0181

The trick, of course, is to get down where the flower is and shove the lens as close as maybe to it. These are on an eastern exposure of our house and in flower much earlier than most.

Wild Iris #springflowers

This week the wild iris are in bloom in Alabama. They’re much smaller than the garden variety, but intense and dashed beautiful. They tend to like shady locations. Ours are intermingled with an Oxalis species that has a delicate purple flower, unlike the more common yellow variety.


There are several of this small yellow flower as well. These prefer the sun.

Spring Flowers #MondayBlogs

The daffodils were out, and so was I.




And one crocus.


The trick to getting good photographs is simple. Watch the light, get close, and pay attention to the composition. It also helps that I’m using a digital SLR and taking several shots. (I mean it’s only electrons.) I also use a polarizing filter to enhance color and cut down on the glare.